LollieBerries is her one-stop-shop.

It is the mission of LollieBerries and Staff to provide the highest quality products at
competitive prices.  We strive to find unique items for all her desires.  We understand
the high demands faced by women juggling careers and families.  It is our hope that we
at LollieBerries can make life’s responsibilities a little less stressful.

LollieBerries will donate a portion of all sales to causes supporting women and women’s
issues and causes.  It is with gratitude we are able to make this promise to our
Our Mission:
My name is Lollie Christner-Severin.  I have been an
entrepreneur for most of my life.  I have more than 25
years experience as a Wedding Planner, owned a gift shop
and have had many other endeavors.
It seemed only a natural next step to open my own on-line
store and reach out to brides to help them create the
wedding of their dreams.

Years ago my sweet friend, Cindy, gave me the nickname,
Lollieberries.  My dear husband, Tom, has also lovingly
called me Lollieberries, so that is how I came to name my
new online store.
Meet Lollie:

Please take some time browsing.  I hope you enjoy the site and find what you are
looking for.  I wish for you a wonderful and happy wedding day and a beautiful, long and
loving marriage.


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