Young & Healthy At Any Age
Suppose you could look and feel younger than you do?
What if you could avoid the diseases associated with
old age? What if you could have the energy you had
when you were younger?

Young And Healthy At Any Age tells you how the
authors did just that so you can too. With the guidance
of an outstanding team of medical professionals, Lollie
and Tom Christner-Severin have learned the secrets of
staying young and healthy and now share what they have
learned so you can take advantage of these remarkable
anti-aging techniques.     

Lollie and Tom have done the research and have written
this book in layman's terms so you can put their
suggestions to use in your life.  You can be healthier
and have more vitality.  You can look and feel younger.  
You can have more energy.  You can save money on
medical and pharmaceutical costs.  You can live your
life to the fullest.                                     

  • Have more energy
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Improve your sex life
  • Eliminate harmful toxins in your home
  • Balance your hormones
  • Save money on healthcare
  • And much more
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