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Review by Dr. Erin Parson, D.C.
This is a great resource for anyone thinking of starting
their own wellness journey.

Review by Dr. Atsuko Rees, M.D.
A great book.  I plan to make it available to all my

Review by Dr. Brian Hanratty, D.D.S.
Lollie and Tom’s approach to treating their minds and
bodies to the level of care that maximizes their
potential is a combination of common sense, exhaustive
research and a solid approach of trial and effect.  
Dental health plays its role in overall systemic health
by reducing inflammation, controlling infections and
allowing the initiation of the digestive process.   The
ability to eat well is one of the greatest pleasures we
have.  This book elucidates these points on dental
health. The Christner-Severin’s journey in seeking a
healthy lifestyle is informative and a pleasure to read.

Review by Dr. Robert Quinn, Pharm.D.
Fantastic! Incredible! Extraordinary!  On their life-
long quest for wellness, Lollie and Tom are discovering
many truths and have chosen to provide us with a
fabulous guide we can use as a reference.  Their work
is presented in a most eloquent and easy to understand
manner.  Use this book as a guidepost on your quest for
vitality and longevity.  

Review by Dr. Chi Shin Ahn, LAc, PhD
A very good book.  I was shocked by some of what I
read and learned.